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Trim to Roof

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Good afternoon Folks,
Am new to this forum and to ArchiCAD, Using Archicad 12 the now.

Am trying to prove to my employer it (archicad) is a worthwhile purchase, and he has given me the task of creating a model for my latest project, vs AutoCAD.

I am progressing slowly, but getting there.

I have just created the turf roof from a mesh, was going to use the "trim to roof" command, but when I do, it does a really messy job...see pics...
Any suggestions?

The walls have varying wallhead heights, have looked at Solid Element operations, but think the trim to roof would be the best option...I need the walls trimmed to the underside of the roof, not the beams underneath (if that makes sense)

Sorry for all the Questions on my first post...any help is hugely well received!! I MUST PROVE TO MY BOSS IT IS WORTHWHILE!!!! lol

Shout me if you need anymore info....Cheers for all help in advance.

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Ooops forgot to mention, have tried trim to roof and get some weird and wonderful results...

Is there any way of making this tidier?

See attached pic
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Hi Alistair,

Welcome to the forum!

For a roof of that complexity, I'd use Solid Element Operations (SEO) rather than 'trim to roof'.

Select all the walls and set them as the Target, then set the roof as the Operator with 'Subtraction with upwards extrusion' method. Have a look in the help files for detailed info on this.

You can even adjust the roof afterwards and the walls should still automatically be trimmed as long as it overlaps the walls.

Good luck!
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Thanks Peter for the response...
After posting, I saw inadvertently a thread that explained this, I gave it a try, but still got the same issues you see in that elements of the internal partitions still poke up through the roof.

The roof is rather messy, after I turned it from a mesh to a roof, underneath isn't continuous at all, it is very segmented, I think this may be part of the problem....Any advice on tidying up the roof?

See pic of underneath the roof..

Cheers again for all help...
Underside of Turf Roof.jpg
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There is a way to tidy up the underside, but it is a little laborious. You have to select each pair of adjoining roofs, click the shared edge between them so the pet palette appears, and select the 'set roof edge angle' button (top right). When the dialog box appears, select the 'mitre joint' option which will set the touching edges of both roofs to a nice neat mitre. I'm not sure why the mesh to roof tool doesn't do this automatically for you? Sounds like a bug to me.

Also, looking at your roof, is there no way to reduce the number of tiny roofs planes? It's a little difficult to understand the overall geometry from the pictures, but it might save you some work in the long run.

Hope that's clear enough!
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Hi Peter,
Once again thanks for helping,
I tried clicking each set of roof panels and clicking the joining face, I get the pet pallet up, but there is no option for Set roof Edge Angle, I only get Edge Setting, (which I assume is the same thing), but there is no option within that pet pallett option for mitre joint....I maybe being daft...Should this be done automatically?

No way of reducing the planes as the roof is an undulating turf roof, the idea is that the unit is built into the hillside and the turf roof should mimic hill contours to allow the building blend into the surroundings.

Cheers in advance.

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This picture might help. You can do this in either the floorplan window, or the 3d window - whatever is more convenient.

Don't forget to select both roofs before you click on the shared edge.
Just a thought...

Given the free form nature of that roof you might want to go back to using the mesh instead. Then to get the thickness you need, since meshes have a flat bottom regardless of what happens above, make a copy of the original mesh, lower it by the thickness of your roof and SEO the copy from the original. Then you can use the original mesh and SEO away the walls for the appearance you want. The only issue here (as far as ArchiCAD is concerned) is that meshes can get testy with multiple SEO operations. When this issues arises for me I have found that making a few smaller meshes corrects any issues.

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