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Updating a single hotlink and not every hotlink in the entire project


How can I update a single hotlink instead of it updating every single hotlink in the project? For example If I have 20 units dispersed among 3 floors, how can I update just 1 of the 20 different units. The units are on different stories and hotlinked onto the stories where the buildings floors are. Even if I use the hotlink manager and select that specific unit to update it will still update every hotlink in the project. It takes quite awhile to update all the hotlinks and if I have a minuscule change in one unit and just need to update that, it will take close to 10 minutes because again, it's updating every single hotlink...


I would not prefer that ability. For example, If Unit C changes, they all should be in my book. The only reason I say that is what if the next update is a major one and someone else is editing it, and they are not aware of certain Unit C updating and others are not? It could cause confusion and incorrect information being sent out.

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you need to create unique .mod's for every instance. I don't use HLM's in the conventional way, but rather as buildings placed into a site for complex and campus projects. We will sometimes use HLM's for iterations, even if it's just an iterative placement of hte buildings, each placement gets its own unique .mod for any possible unique modifications per position/location.
Obviously thats not going to be a best practice for things like unit configurations or architectural features added to a main model. But you can create a new .mod for the ones that need to be updated uniquely from the others, then right click the one you need to update, go to hotlink module settings, and relinkn to the new .mod. As long as relationship to 0,0,0 in the source file has not changed, the placed instance will simply update with the new model and not need to be repositioned in the host file.
I know thats not the solution you are looking for, but thats the best I have for a solution.

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Apparently there's a registry setting allowing you to only refresh certain HLMs of the same source:
Solved: Re: Teamwork Performance of multiple self-referenc... - Graphisoft Community

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