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Wall material below Window Masonry Arch (Windows & Doors).

Hi All, Does anyone know if there's a non-SEO way to remove ALL the wall material below a window's (masonry) arch? The "Niche Below Arch" only extends to the depth of the frames' reveal (setback). This may be a limitation with the window style (Arch Top Win.. 23) I'm using and/or another settings (or combo of settings I'm missing) but I've been unable to resolve them myself, without duplicate openings and/or SEO ops.

There's also the related issue of the frame/trim/casing not properly extending into the arch (depending on frame style) but if I could just eliminate the below arch wall material that would be a good start. Logically it would seem, if there is an arched opening in a wall, the default behavior would be NO wall material beneath the arch (as that is very reason for an arch to exist) but it's been a problem for years with Masonry Openings (in doors or windows) in old brick houses.

Design loving, technology geek. USA
Archicad (v25) - MacOS (14.2) - MacbookPro (M1Pro)
Interesting I can't seem to replicate this problem it cuts fine. Can you put your window into a single wall and save it out as a module and attach here ? Happy to have a look at it.

Cheers Carsten

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