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Window wont show in 3D - is also not represented in 2D

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I am having trouble getting a window which i have placed in a 2nd storey wall to show in 3D. In 2D, i can see the outline of the window but when i click away it just shows the wall in its place (same thing happens in 3D).

Can anybody help?

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also... other windows in that storey (on another wall) are showing properly.
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check to see if you have 2 walls accidently placed instead of one.
try moving the wall away from the building and then place the window. this has worked for me before.
Hello Jalal!
Perhaps you have the wrong height (Sill/header value) on the window. Look on the picture (under) what happens if I set the window sill to 3000mm over the floor while the wall is only 2700mm high... the window rises over the wall and into the next floor...
The window will be visible (barely) in 3D but not in Floor Plan.

Hope this will help! Good luck, Jalal!

(From my books on ArchiCAD)
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Try changing the windows' floorplan display method to 'symbolic'. It should ignore the floorplan cutplane and display correctly in 2d.

Hope that helps!
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Thanks guys for your advice.

The Sill height was ok... but there were two walls instead of one (not sure why archicad doesnt just punch right through both... safety measure?)

I forgot about the wall that i extruded to finish off the roof on top of my 2nd floor..

Thanks again!


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