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adjusting zones

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WHAT!?!?!? Yes just getting around to 10 most of you are on 11. But apparently I didn't have as much trouble with earlier versions that some other did. Anyway, does anybody know why they made zones less functionable than they were in 9? I remember the glory days when you wanted to move or adjust the edge of a zone, that it behaved like a fill or a slab, well my zones don't seem to be doing that. What am i missing?

9 was the perfect version of archicad.......too many cry babies made archicad so cumbersome to do the most elementary things, when they didn't try to use the program as it was. archicad listened and now we have the beast we do now. Twice the functionality, yet twice as long to use, and months longer to set up. In the quest to make things simple they actually made them more complicated.

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I don't know what isn't working for you. When I click the edge or node of a zone I get the same pet palette options as for slabs, roofs, walls, etc.

It's true that AC10 requires more adjustment than previous versions. Most of this is due to the incorporation of PlotMaker and is effort that is well rewarded with dramatically improved results. Most of the rest arises from the multi-story walls and their attendant requirements. If these aren't useful to you don't use them. If you need them then the added complexity is probably worthy the trouble.

That said, I agree that some of the interface features in 10 need work. (It's really the accumulated complexity of new features that don't work quite the same as older ones and not just something entirely new with 10.) There is a serious need for improving the consistency and ease of use.

I find the FPCP (floor plan cutplane) is especially difficult to explain/understand. Fortunately this is somewhat improved in AC11 with the ability to assign elements to specific stories regardless of their base elevation and still display as "projected" etc.

Of course, if you really prefer AC9 you can go on using it.

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thanks matt.

Yes I don't get the pet pallette, but woe is me, i don't have enough time to figure it out. Too much to do on this holiday! Anyway yes I agree with some of the issues that you brought up. Archicad sometimes when released i get that thought in the back of my head, "not ready for prime time." I find it is nice to work behind a version from everyone else.

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