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[hint] PM 3.1 - Numbering Drawings with the NCS standard

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Thought I would post this rather obvious hint, but it may be useful to others.

The default way that the new Plotmaker auto-numbers drawings is similar to how it does sheets - the order the drawings are placed in the list as seen in the Navigator determines the drawing number. This is inconsistent with the U.S. National CAD Standards that uses a "grid" system combining letters designating vertical location and numbers for the horizontal.

Unfortunately, Graphisoft hasn't developed a way to automatically give a drawing number based on layout location. To give your drawing a correct NCS identifier, select the drawing and go to Drawing Settings (CMD-T on Mac, ALT-T on PC). In the Identification tab, select the Custom option and enter your letter/number combination based on where the drawing is placed on the page. This custom number will work with the new S/E and detail markers if they are set to use Plotmaker drawing numbers. Just remember to change the number as you change your layout.

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