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AddPars xml material files duplicated endlessly




I am cleaning up attributes of a largish project made of many files. Now, every time I export attributes (xml) a folder with AddPars is filled up with material files.


Unfortunately, if the singular files already exist, they are not checked for differences, they are just duplicated and suffixed with an "X". This name is then also employed in the referecens. This leads to a huge amount of files and obviously to every sort of file length problem (see screenshot below).


This is really not good. Archicad should parse the differences in the existing files and duplicate with new naming only if different.



Oleksandra Vakariuk

Hi there,


Thank you for bringing our attention to this!

We've checked this issue with our developers. This seems to be a problem only when attributes with the same name are exported again and again in the same folder but using another name for the main XML. In this case, Archicad uses the AddPars folder for all parameter files, adding a suffix each time. This is an intentional behavior.

It would be useful to understand what exactly you're trying to achieve with this workflow since this is the first time such behavior was reported as a problem. I can see the issue here but I don't understand the end goal of this process. If you can provide any information on this, we could understand better the importance of this problem and maybe provide an acceptable workaround.


Kind Regards,

Oleksandra Vakariuk

Technical Support Engineer

Hello, I am glad you are noticing this.

Actually, there have been again and again complaints about this issue. If you search for AddPars you should be able to see them.


In order to sync files in a large project, we can only export attributes and eventually re-import them.

Now, if you have a project with, for example, 10 files, you certainly won't create a new folder for each exported attribute file. They belong together.

If you then proceed in fixing your attribute problems you'll want to re-export, always using that same folder.  A set of AddPars files generates odd 230 AddPars files in our template, the working project files would have that number + a few extras.

So exporting ONCE ten files in the same folder generates odd 2300 files. ONCE.

This gets very fast out of control after 4-5 times exporting.


And now, since I notice you might be interested in this topic, please let me add this.

The attribute manager is good and useful: one can load attributes of other files.

But the problem is that you have no idea whatsoever what is actually different across those attribute files and the user can, at best, do a visual check. This is totally time consuming and fully insecure. Clearly something that should be automated.


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