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Bim Server

Tom Krowka

Can the same desktop computer be used for both Bim Server and typical full Archicad 25 program?  What's the difference between Bim Server & Bim Cloud

Tom Krowka Architect

Windows 11, AC Version 26


BIM Server is BIM Cloud basic.


A similar question was answered here:


And you can use the same computer as server and for regular Archicad work. It just depends on how powerful your computer is in relation to the size of the projects you are working on.

Windows 10


I do not recommend to install BIMcloud Basic beside any Archicad unless only you are the only one working on it. BIMcloud is a resource intensive software (as it is a web server basically) and it will bring problems to both Archicad and BIMcloud if people start to Send & Receive, backup, etc. on BIMcloud while one is modeling in Archicad. Works only with pretty strong machines and really small scale projects together.

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

I need to make an emergency BIMcloud connection on the machine it is installed on. Our local network and internet service is down and we need to access files that have not been saved/ backed up recently. I have Archicad 25 installed on the machine. It is asking for an address. The usual “http://etc” address won’t work because we have no network connection at the moment. Is there an acceptable local path to the server that I can enter here? 

I’ve tried “C:\Program Files\Graphisoft\BIMcloud,” but that doesn’t work.

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