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Different zone height rules in same project


Hi, I would like to be able to calculate zone surface areas with different criteria within the same project. I see that height criteria for zones is set at a project level and not for individual zones, is there no way around this? I would like sole zones to reduce area based in maximum height, but for other zones to ignore this rule. 





It's a long standing wish.

Especially for us in Germany, because there are different metrics (e.g. DIN 277 vs. Wohnflächenverordnung) for zones, and we need to deliver all of them at the same time.

This is still not feasible.

It is a big big problem that GS thinks it's enough to set up the calculation just project-wide.

Not only need zones to be treated differently in the same project, they also need to be treated differently at the same time!

I still hope that we gain such simple and essential function at some point....

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Ok, Thanks for confirming that.


It's strange. I keep coming up against quite simple but essential basics of architectural work processes that are not addressed in Archicad. I'm curious as to the guiding factor in Archicads development road map, because it seems that some absolutely essential basics to our work flow are not addressed.  


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