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Energy Evaluation

Emoke Csikos

BIM-integrated Sustainable Design

Archicad’s improved Energy Evaluation engine supports multiple thermal blocks. This allows users to evaluate their designs with standard-compliant technology and makes Archicad the “greenest” BIM solution available on the market today.

Building Energy Evaluation

The built-in energy evaluation functionality of Archicad uses StruSoft’s VIPcore calculation engines. As of version 17, Archicad enables architects to perform improved energy evaluation based on standard-compliant technology, supporting multiple thermal blocks. As a result, designers can perform dynamic and accurate energy calculations, starting at the early design stages. The calculation input data and the evaluation results can be shared in various formats including PDF, XLS, and IFC.

If you don't know yet how to prepare the BIM model for the Energy Evaluation, take a look at the checklist here.

Multiple thermal block building energy model: Thermal block geometries

Multiple thermal block building energy model: Thermal block properties

Space boundary orientations and categories

Structures list: List and tree views properties and interactions

Openings list: List & tree views properties and interactions

Openings list: Model-based solar study and shading devices

Openings list: Plants used as dynamic shading devices

Operation profiles: creating custom profiles

Structures lists: Infiltration, solar absorbance & correction area

Energy performance optimization of the design: Setting up energy demand calculations

Detailed energy performance report in PDF

Detailed energy performance report in XLS


EcoDesigner STAR

Graphisoft EcoDesigner STAR is a revolutionary step forward in Building Energy Modeling, offering a workflow that fulfills the most rigorous energy standards, delivering multiple thermal block-based, accurate, standard-compliant dynamic energy analyses for any design stage, all building types at any climate! To find out more about Graphisoft's professional sustainable design solutions, please check the article on EcoDesigner STAR.


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