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Guide for setting up archicad in a one man firm. folders etc

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I would like to know if somebody knows about a guide for setting up archicad in a small one man firm (on a Mac).

I am thinking about:


other good things to new users.


I suggest you take a look at the Master Template system ( ). This is a very complete template system that will work for a large firm or a one man shop. In the small firm I work for we found that the time is saved us in setting up a template was well worth it's cost. The system also includes a few library parts and materials.

As for a folder structure, you can find a few out on the web if you poke around enough (try here - ). However, you will probably be better served setting up a folder structure that makes sense to you and the way you work.


edit: just noticed you are in Denmark. You should talk with the Master Template folks first to make sure their system will actually work for you. I believe they have an international version now but am not sure how that will fit with your localization.

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Thanks for the help Erich, it was very helpful.

I will consider the master template, just haft to check how it will work in Denmark.

But it was the information I was looking for.

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I am a one-man firm and run the show on my Macs; one at home and one at the office. A couple of things to pass along:

1. I have the exact same hard drive name and folder setup on both machines, which allow me to keep all project data on a Firewire800 external drive that I carry around.
/+ACTIVE/610 Brazos
/+ACTIVE/610 Brazos/CAD

Also, I keep a project library localized to that folder setup:
/+ACTIVE/610 Brazos/CAD/ProjLIB
/+ACTIVE/610 Brazos/CAD/ProjLIB/truss_1.gsm

This is where I keep all the custom profiles for this job.

2. I keep a master folder of different components, I use from job to job in a root library:
/+LIBRARIES/Serna+Design/Site Elements

I only load three libraries (ever!) AC12's, mine and the ProjLIB.

3. I also have a root library of standards, such as titles, sheet sizes/general notes and keyed notes, plus ADA Details or city issued details. This file is referenced into the new files and I only change it every so often:

There's probably a more simple way to do all this, but this is what is working for me now and I am looking forward to seeing what AC13 brings.

Hope that helps!


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1) The Onland site has a file folder structure for their needs, but easy to modify.
2) GS wrote this 96 page, "Intro to Office Standards.pdf". Generic and slightly outdated,
but at least rounds out the problem for you. Sometimes knowing what is possible is half the battle.

PS I could not find the GS file on the GS site, can anyone help with the GS website? The link is to Digitalvis...

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