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Linking windows to zone or zone category

kjell syryn

In the project that i am working on i created a few zone's. These zone's are surrounded by walls that have window and doors in them. Is there any possibility to link the different windows and wall to the specific zone or zone category ?


for example:

I want to be able to make a schedule with multiple zones that all have specific categories. In this schedule i want to be able to put the different windows and doors for further calculations.


Zones do not have any property to itemize the elements contained within their area other than count. However, Object(s) do have a property - " Related Zone Name" - which you can use to filter your schedule.

However, schedules can not, at present, do any calculations other than count. To do anything else, you would need to export the schedule to a excel file or use a Python script.

In this case a excel file would be preferred as you could then import the results into custom properties in your schedule. Python scripts have no access to schedules.


Windows 11 - Visual Studio 2022; ArchiCAD 27