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Listing via Property manager



Here is my another problem regarding listing composite wall parameters in Element schedule via Property Manager.

I want everything to be listed in Elements Schedule. i.e. all composite and complex objects. For this I am trying to create Property for wall thickness and unable to call it via Property Manager. (Though I know that I can make listing for composite wall in Schedule separately.)

Actually I want to access Component and building material parameters for composite elements in Property setting dialog box.

Screenshots for schedule and property manager is attached to this thread.

Similarly, If I call 3d length in property manager, it's fetching height of column also where it is already listed under height parameter.Schedule for all quantitySchedule for all quantityProperty settings for heightProperty settings for heightProperty settings for thicknessProperty settings for thicknessSceme settings for quantity allSceme settings for quantity all

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor 3.59 GHz
Ram - 16.0 GB
System - Windows 10 Ultimate, 64 bit

NVEDIA GForce 8400GS

Archicad 9..., 24