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Project and File Management on BIMcloud

Brieuc Tassel

BIMcloud (from version 2020.2) is a multi-disciplinary model hub, able to host all file formats* coming from various collaboration tools and accessible by all project stakeholders.

All files are managed with the help of the BIMcloud Project and Teams features*. For further information about Team Management on BIMcloud please check our related article.

*These features are NOT available in BIMcloud Basic.

wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png NOTE: A BIMcloud Project has a different meaning than a Teamwork Project. BIMcloud Projects are created within the BIMcloud Management interface on your web browser. They are intended to act as central directories for your project-specific information, while Teamwork Projects are created from sharing a project file in Archicad. BIMcloud Projects are storing Teamwork projects along with all other project-related files (IFC, PDF, XLSX, ...).


Check our video about Project and File Management on BIMcloud

BIMcloud Project

BIMcloud Project icon

As mentioned earlier, a BIMcloud Project serves as a central directory for all information and settings related to a design project. BIMcloud Projects are being used to store Teamwork projects and all files, folders, and related models in connection with a specific BIM project.

A BIMcloud Project can be created directly under the Projects root as well as under Folders or Sub-folders.

Once your BIMcloud Project has been created, you can start managing your project, by creating folders and uploading the necessary files, which you can do in any browser and on any device.


Access to BIMcloud

Non-Archicad users, including external disciplines, the clients, or the construction companies, can easily access the data they need via the BIMcloud Management interface using their web browser on any device. Accessibility is controlled through the permission system, see Teams Management on BIMcloud.

Publish to/Browse from BIMcloud

Having your Archicad project shared on BIMcloud allows you to publish content straight from Archicad to your BIMcloud Server, as well as linking content hosted in BIMcloud to your Archicad project.

  • Publisher set
    • Publish any set of 2D and/or 3D documentation from Archicad directly to BIMcloud, select the folder you would like to publish to, and the teams having access to that folder will be able to view what you just published.
  • Hotlinks and Drawings
    • Place & Update hotlinks and drawings directly from BIMcloud.

Folder and File Subscription

Subscription icon

Having BIMcloud acting as a multi-disciplinary model hub involves having many files you would like to keep an eye on. Use the Subscription feature and do not miss changes happening in a folder or in a file.

Let us take the example of our Deliverables folder. As a client, you might want to be notified when the architect team is publishing the latest set of documentation. Click on the bell next to the folder, it will turn from a white background to a black one. Next time there will be changes in this folder, you will be notified*.


* Notifications coming from the Subscription are displayed on the BIMcloud Management interface as well as sent to the user's inbox through the Daily Summary email.

Folder and File versioning

BIMcloud keeps all previously uploaded/published versions, so you can easily copy, roll back or download earlier versions of your files.


Your folders also get versioning, so if needed, just select a date and time, and choose to copy, roll back or download that version of the folder.


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