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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Project data & BIM

Read articles about BIM-based management of attributes, schedules, templates, favorites, hotlinks, projects in general, quality assurance, etc.


Hotlinked Modules

ARCHICAD provides two basic methods for sharing/dividing BIM project data among a team of architects: Teamwork method for sharing projects, Hotlink method for dividing complex projects into smaller parts. These two methods are most effectively used i...

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Quick Tip for Publishing Hotlinks in Large Projects

Just recently came across this issue that unit modules were meant to be linked into a block file, but due to the large amount of small variations within the units, the designers wanted to have a base module to link into the unit file as well, such as...


Archicad as a Coordination Tool

Every now and then the question arises: how to use Archicad as a coordination tool. There are multiple workflows in which you can differentiate and compare the models of different disciplines. Let’s take a look at the following model where architectu...

acnw01.png acnw02.png acnw03.png acnw04.png

How to set a path that works on both Windows and macOS

In a collaboration environment, it is a common issue that in a project, if you set a file path (e.g. for publishing) to a network location on Windows, it may not work when opening the project on macOS or vice versa. You will need to re-enter the path...

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How to Optimize Your Project Performance

As projects evolve, they naturally become more and more complex and detailed. Also approaching deadlines might shift the focus from precise modeling to getting the job done. These might result in heavier files than necessary, that can slow down your ...

Model Comparison, Visualizing Model Changes

Building Information Models continuously change during the various phases of design and documentation. Keeping track of changes made by all the members of the team is very important and can be challenging. Archicad's Model Compare lets you compare tw...

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Project and File Management on BIMcloud

BIMcloud (from version 2020.2) is a multi-disciplinary model hub, able to host all file formats* coming from various collaboration tools and accessible by all project stakeholders. All files are managed with the help of the BIMcloud Project and Teams...

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How to Transfer External Links with Your Project

If you are planning to work on your project from home or a different office, or you need to move it to a different server or BIMcloud, you will also need to consider all the external files you have been using with your project that are not included i...


Story management of Hotlinked modules

At Elements' Elevation you can choose out of two options: 1. Adjust Elevation to Story Structure of Host Project choosing Adjust Elevation to Story Structure of Host Project will place the elements of the source file according to the Stories of the h...

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Attribute Management of Hotlinks

General Attribute management concepts When hot linking a Module file into another file, the necessary, but not all attributes (layers, line types, complex profiles, etc...) of the source file will be appended to the attributes of the host file. This ...


Why Dimensions and Zones can't be part of a group

You have probably noticed that Dimensions and Zones can't be part of a group but you were wondering why. This is because these elements almost always have relation to other elements (dimensions belong to walls or other elements, zones are relative to...

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Multistory Hotlink Modules

See also: Hotlinked Modules. Multistory Hotlink Modules can be used, for example, to compare the different designs of a building easily. In our example we are working with Elizabeth Tower project, designed by Andrea Horvath and Kiss Iosif-Andrei (win...

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