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Property Manager for Quantity Take-offs

Gabriel Cristea

I am looking to take out a lot more information from a model such as wall areas separated by surface materials, linear meter of objects such as balustrades, number of kitchen units, bathroom units etc.

I was hoping to create all of this in a single schedule that would list elements based on a custom expression, instead of having individual schedules for each of these quantity take-offs. Is it possbile to create such an expression? Say if archicad classification =  wall, list its net outside surface area, if classification = railing, lits its 3d length, etc.

Barry Kelly

You could possibly create a schedule that includes different elements, walls, railings, cabinets, etc.

But you would need to add fields for all the information you want to collect for all of the elements.

So you will have a column/row for railing length, another for wall area, another to count the number of cabinets.

The length field may only show a figure for the railing and will be blank for all other elements.

The number of cabinets will only show a value for cabinets and be blank for all other elements.

Similar for the wall area - will only apply to walls.


So you will have a schedule with many blank fields and it may become difficult to read.

Better to have separate schedules for specific element types I think.




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