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Revision ID


I created a duplicate view on a separate sheet. The first image shows the correct revision bubbles. But when I duplicated the same exact view in another sheet the revision ID change completely. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (4).png

This is the numbers that should show up as revision IDs for its respective bubbles. 


Now, this is the clip when I duplicate it to another layout

MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png

Thank you.



Assuming the marks are still Change Markers and haven't been exploded in the other layout then you just need to select each one and relink it to the relevant revision. The corrupt marks were probably "Source" references, you now need the new duplicates to be "Linked" 

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These change markers are not in layout they are in model space. So yes they are not exploded and they are linked to the right transmittal set. 

The bubbles are sourcing revision ID information and not change ID marker number. 



You can go to Transmittal Set Details dialog box for the current Transmittal Set, the'Create New Revision in all Included Layouts' is always checked for a project's first Transmittal Set. This will assign a new revision ID for every layout you've added regardless if it doesn't contain any changes. Uncheck this setting and I hope it works.

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