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XYZ coordinates as properties in each element



for a project i need to export a bunch of IFC models where the client asks for an own p_set with specific properties for each element. I made new properties, configured the Property Mapping in the IFC Translator to put all those properties in an own p_set.

The only thing I don't get to function is having x, y and z coordinates for elements as properties.


When I open the IFC in for exemple Solibri, Solibri shows coordinates in the "BIM Data" - "Location" folder as global X, Y and Z coordinates. I basically need the same information in my own defined p_set.

So far do I think that the solution should be something like defining a property die x, one for y and one for z and then build up some Expression to it.

Would be wonderful if someone here has a solution for it. 🙂


Thank you!!


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