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calculation units workaround


Units are set to mm. Calculation units for length are set to meter so that my wall linear meters schedule returns figures in the correct format. But now the autotext property for my double door label:

CONCAT ( "2/ ", STRCALCUNIT ( ( {Property:Window\/Door/Nominal W\/D Opening Width on the Reveal Side} - 46 mm ) / 2 ), " x ", STRCALCUNIT ( {Property:Window\/Door/W\/D Nominal Head Height} ) )

(Displays for eg 2/ 720 x 2040)

displays in meters instead of mm. 

I don't think there's a way to selectively apply the calculation units in different circumstances or for different views. Is there a way around this limitation?

Edit: I've edited my door label property to multiply the size by 1000, which feels wrong but almost works - problem now is that I still have two decimal points of precision, which again is set by the the calculation units instead of the Unit Dimensions. 

AC26 Australia, Windows 10
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