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Algorithmic Scripting and Creating Multiple Randomize Holes

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Hi Everyone! I would really appreciate if somebody could solve my specific inquiry.

Does anyone know if you can do algorithmic scripting in Archicad?

I need to create multiple holes (+2500) with specific randomize radiuses on a slab. [/size]

I know how to create one hole at a time. I also know how to create multiple holes using copy/multiplying the first hole to create a matrix. Sadly non of this options can be use in this case since I have to follow a specific pattern created previously. I am using algorithmic scripting in MAYA to create a parametric pattern in several 1.5mts. x 3,0mts surfaces. The 2D object is exported to Archicad as .DWG or .DXF to give it thickness and to create a Library object with different orientations. The objects are inserted in an Archicad project that is finally exported to Ecotect, Radiance and Equest for the Energy Modeling.


I also tried exporting the object already as a perforated surface from MAYA but Archicad seemed not to "read" the solid model (.dwg, .dxf)



Eduardo Rolon
Just to get 2 options out of the way

To create a 3d from a dwg or dxf you have to open as an Object, under File-> Libraries and Objects-> Open object or you can use the 3DS plugin if you export from Maya as 3DS.

Archicad does not do scripting so every solution will be a workaround. Another option to try is to export the "holes" from Maya as a solid object and them subtract them from the slab but it might not behave well. Another option is to export the 2d surface and use it as a template to "magic wand" the holes in the slab though it will take 2,500 clicks.
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Laszlo Nagy
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In GDL this would be relatively easy to do.
You would have the use the RND function to randomize the x,y coordinates and radius of each hole.
The object would be pretty complex with tens of thousands of polygons. (If each hole is approxiated by AC by 16-sided polygons, that's already 40000 polygons).
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If holes are randomly distributed, there is a good chance for overlapping. Not allowed for a slab.
SEOs would allow this, but with so many holes, better to forget it.

As a possible workaround, you could generate pseudo holes with 3d black circles at a tiny distance of the slab surface.
Anyway, such object will be slow to calculate, even with a low resolution.
In 3D Script, put a >shadow off< statement before circles calculation.

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Thanks to all of you! Yeah, I wanted to avoid the +2500 clicks, so creating the 3d element in Archicad based on the Maya algorithmic pattern is out of the questions. (Algorithmic scripting and overlapping required)

Thanks Eduardo (ejrolon)! I finally created the 3D object in Maya and export it in .dwg. Imported to Archicad as a library object.


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