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Archicad Save-As issue


Hi all,


I'm having an issue with Save-As-ing. Sometimes, when I go to save-as, the automatic location is not the folder from which I opened up the file, but rather the folder where I most recently Save-As'd. In other words, if I'm working on project A and Save-As with a new name, then I'm working on project B and Save-As, project B will save into project A's folder. Then I have to go through all the projects that I was recently working on to find the file and fix the issue. If there is someway to set it up so that it automatically saves in the same folder that I opened it from I would love to know about that.





Eduardo Rolon

No AFAIK, in macOS I use an app called "Default Folder X" that fixes that issue

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Barry Kelly

No, this issue has been raised before and GS are aware of it.

For now, when you 'Save As', you just have to make sure it is saving to the correct folder.



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Yes, it has been discussed before.  Most other functionality issues are forgivable because well, that is how the software is designed and it can get better. But this one is something i had never found in any other windows software and its completely and utterly inexcusable. They should have fixed it long ago.


My guess is it is a legacy functionality from the early days when Archicad ran on mac and you were content just to be able to save a file.

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