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Hotfix 1086 Corruption from PC to Intel Mac

Hi there,

I hope i don't duplicate this thread, since the search engine for some reason doesn't work.

We have updated our licenses in the office on the PC and on our rendering Mac to 1086. We followed all the notes what GS provided (signed out, took care of hotlinks etc.)
Everything is fine, until you don't open the projects (pln) (which came and created from 1033) on an intel-mac. We wanted to run an animation rendering, and whenever we open the 3D window, it crashed on the mac.
First seemed an isolated problem and tracked down it cause. In our model we use columns which were placed in 1033 PC release. These columns in 1086 MAC creates corruption in the file. I deleted the columns and i was able to continue but it took me more than an hour to figure it out.
We also opened an other project and here we go again. I haven't had time to track down which element is corrupted but this time not the columns.

Funny thing is non of the teamwork file is affected what GS awers us. These were simple pln files and not even a hotlink in it.

I also tried saving the pln file in the new 1086 release both on pc and on mac, but didn't help.

Did anyone notice this problem in a mix-use (PC-MAC) enviroment?
I've collected some evidence and before i send a bug report i'd like to know how many of you experienced this.


PS> just a note:
- copying camera to a new path bug is NOT Fixed
- memory problem for big project NOT Fixed (on mac)
- SLAB_TOP_SURF in GDL script NOT Fixed
Mishi Szabo
Urban Strategies Inc.

Dual QuadCore Xeon Intel Mac 8GB Memory

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