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Mesh problem

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Any thoughts on how this happened and how to fix it? The mesh shows up as (mostly) wireframe in the 3D window as well.

Mesh problem.png

Eduardo Rolon
I have seen something like this in a TW project and in that case was a SEO problem. Apparently there is a point were if you have too many SEOs on a mesh AC is unable to generate the 3D of it. It looks like a bug in the current hot fix since for that project I never had that issue before and it was started in AC15. My solution was to split the target mesh until it started to show again.
eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
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David Maudlin

Two things to check:
1. That the Mesh does not have any point(s) below its bottom plane.
2. That the Mesh's layer is not set to Wireframe.

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David Maudlin / Architect

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The strange bit is the offset between the selection dots and where the wireframe is showing up. I think Eduardo may be right on this. I have seen odd behavior after too any SEOs have been done to a mesh, or after recursive ones. It is also possible to mess them up just by dragging a node so the boundary crosses itself.

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