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About Apache Log4j vulnerability

Dear All, Last week, a critical security vulnerability in Java logging library Log4j has been found. The vulnerability allows attackers to perform remote code execution, which means they can run any code and access all data on the affected machine. I...

Organizer-publisher malfunction

All of a sudden, when I open Organizer I cannot drag anything from the view map or layout book to any publisher set (hypermodel, pdf etc). When I drag it in, it bounces back. I AM able to "add shortcut" but not sure if that is the same thing, I have ...

Reference lines and nodes skewd/displaced in 3D

Hello. We have a project where we have moved the whole building to the real world coordinates and then work on it for a while. Now we've gotten tired of all objects nodes and reference lines are displayed displaced in the 3D window. I've tried to mov...

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Crazy Mouse

Can somebody on GS, please, fix the "crazy mouse". It is too fast, we have no control over it, we need precision when it comes to generate a morph and snap, on 3D, to a path to zoom in and out. Please ASAP. Thank you. Kind regards, archigreen

3D window, elements cut when in close proximity

Was just struggling to describe this in the subject title, but the image I hope explains the problem. When navigating in 3D - if I get too near 'things' they get cut. Makes editing certain things impossible. Is this a graphics driver issue or graphic...

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[OSX Sierra 10.12] Archicad 20 .xml file error

Hi! First caller here. I installed Archicad 20 with no problem, but an error message pops up when I try to start the application. It has a problem with processing a file called TWDataOptions.xml. I also installed two updates (3016, 4012) hoping they ...

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Archicad for 32 bit Windows XP

I'm trying to get a copy of Archicad that will run on 32 bit Windows XP on a student / academic license. Is this possible? I've contacted student support but they're hopeless...they haven't even replied to me

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View cone

Trying to zoom in close to the model but it keeps cutting it. I know it's a simple fix somewhere but I can't seem to figure it out.

Model cut.jpg
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