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Archicad 16 and PHPP?

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Hi everyone,
I'm playing for the first time with Archicad 16 and I'm looking for the button to export data to the PHPP: where is it?



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minox wrote:

Hope it helps
Thanks for the link, will be there. Im hoping it will be very interesting!

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I'm an Ecodesigner user working on a passive project at the moment. The loss of the PHPP export is a big issue for me at the moment. When will the Export feature be issued to Ecodesigner subscribers?
For me this is critical at the moment!!!

When will * be released and how much will it be?

Thanks for all the info in this thread, it does look like it will be impressive.

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- €/$: how much is it going to cost?

No final decision regarding the price, yet.

After watching the webinar on Eco Designer Star (ED*)this week that once again I am going to have to reach deep into my pockets and shell out more $$$.

I for one felt cheated/disappointed when Graphisoft (GS) incorporated ED into ArchiCAD 16 as I had paid the extra $$$ for this add-on that now everybody gets for free. I get annoyed when this happens its kind of like you need two things so you buying two things but a period of time later its a case of buy one thing and get one free.

Therefore for what its worth; those of us that purchased the original Eco Designer Add-on should received Eco Designer Star free or at least heavily discounted price for compensation for the initial $$$ (lets face it... these add-ons aren't cheap and why should GS have two bites of the cherry from us).

Agree absolutely
Richard Wilden Design. Ltd
Dunedin, New Zealand.
Imac 27" i9 3.6GHz; 32GB Ram Mac OS 11.3
Archicad V23:V24

Miklos Sved
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hi Brendon,

Allow me to apologize on behalf of GS for not being clear regarding EcoDesigner* pricing for people who purchased the first generation EcoDesigner add-on. There are two points that I'd like to make regarding the topic:
-) the EcoDesigner add on was a tool for energy evaluation and design optimization, for the early design phase. Let's say it took GS X amount of effort to produce it. EcoDesigner* is a high end energy analysis tool capable of compliance documentation. It took us 7X amount of effort to produce it. In other words: one is a walkman, the other is a high end hi-fi device. The two can never cost the same, therefore your claim of GS charging twice for the "same thing" does not do us justice.
-) EcoDesigner* will be offered to users who purchased the first generation EcoDesigner add-on at a discount price

Thanks for being a "core" EcoDesigner user! The satisfaction of early adopters is key for us, therefore I hope that you'll find the EcoDesigner* product useful for your work. Try the EcoDesigner* Public Beta free of charge to test the new functionality! Also, please take a look at other ASHRAE certified building energy simulation software solutions to see how much they cost - I can assure you that the price of EcoDesigner* will be lower.

Best Regards,

Miklos Sved
Product Manager
GS Sustainable Solutions
Miklos Sved
Graphisoft Product Manager

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