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AC23 Teamfile Crash "Your computer does not have enough memory to perform the operation."


With today receiving this error on opening of a ~3gb Teamwork file on multiple machines, while others can indeed load it successfully. The configuration of the machines is the same for all. Leaving the project / cleaning the cache does not resolve it. Needless to say that there is indeed enogu memory available. How can we resolve this?
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Just a guess, you may not have enough available disk space or if you have user quotas enabled the user may not have enough storage space for the temporary files needed to be created for the teamwork


It seems to be more related to different Windows Builds - still on it, and cannot confirm yet but it looks like that those who can work in the projects have a slighly newer version.

EDIT: Ok, this probably was not the case in this time. Maybe it's due to a failed "Create Openings by Provisions for Void" Operation. Anyhow, looks like the file is ruined.

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