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BIMCloud on Microsoft Azure Server

Andrew Swenson
I'm looking into the idea of moving BIMcloud from my old physical server with Microsoft SBS 2011, which now only runs BIMcloud & my Security Management Software, to a Microsoft Azure server.

I have moved all my other server usage to the cloud through Office365 and am leaning towards a cloud based server for the 2 items that I'm currently running on the old server for obvious reasons.

I can't seem to find any documentation or conversations about how to do it or whether it is feasible, beyond some tantalizing references like the "only external use" example @ which says "A typical example is a computer hosted in the cloud (Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google etc.)"

Is anyone using cloud hosted servers with BIMcloud?
ArchiCAD 5.1 - 24
Intel i7-8850K @ 2.60GHz
32Gb RAM
Windows 10 Pro 64bit
TwinMotion 2020.2
I used BIMserver on Amazon ESW. It works very good.
What is important - you need to hire a machine with Windows Server or MacOS operative system with enough RAM and disk space. Better to have minimum double core processor 2.5 GHz.
After you are logging in into your server using remote computer function and installing BIM server as it would be any software. Important is to open ports in Firewall settings (not in Firewall of operative system, but firewall of the service).
You also can install apache on the server and run your web-site from the same machine as BIMcloud.