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Teamwork & BIMcloud
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Migrate Projects A22 to A23 on BimCloud Basic / Teamwork

We're a small office using Teamwork setup on BIMCloud Basic for last two years or so (prior to that just worked directly on files via Dropbox ). Libraries have never been managed very well and warnings for duplicate/missing library parts are simply ignored. Now migrating projects from A22 to A23 and there are issues and questions, of course. So, time to swallow that pill and finally learn how to work with the Library Manager.

This might be more of a conversation starter than a single question. What is the best migration workflow in BIMCloud Basic?

Help Center steps are simple enough. Preparing projects for migration, no problem in A22. Migrate Prepared Projects in A23 is easy, also doing so with the box checked to Migrate Libraries (why is this an option?). There are still libraries missing after the process is complete. Why is that? Why check that box (when migrating a prepared project) to also migrate the library and still have libraries missing?

Uploaded the ARCHICAD Migration Library folder that includes migration libraries going back to A13. Should we delete the really old libraries that are in the folder (for us, anything past A20)? Are all these libraries slowing file performance and if so can or should they somehow be consolidated.

The option to consolidate libraries is available in some projects but not others. Is there a tutorial somewhere to guide us through these steps?

Also, door and window tags did not migrate and loading the ARCHICAD Migration Library folder (A23 version) to BIMCloud Basic did not resolve the issue. Entire Archicad Library 22 was loaded to BIMCloud Basic to get those tags to work. That can't be the right solution, or is it?
Andrew Obermeyer | Architect

OBERMEYER Architecture

AC 26 Mac M1

First at all it's necessary to take a look to original files and find out why there was missing/duplicated parts?
If original file had missing parts and that was ignored, logically thinking, that after migration to AC23 this problem did not resolve by itself. Maybe some of designers placed some third party objects, dowloaded from web, and after someone else deleted them - for example from Embedded library.

If some objects are not working after update to AC23 - like door and windows tags - you can still use AC22 library for this project - this is absolutely normal.