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BIMcloud as a Service Connection Test

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

BIMcloud as a Service enables real-time, secure teamwork between architects in the cloud. With your BIMcloud as a Service subscription, you get access to your own private BIMcloud server hosted by Graphisoft in the Google Cloud Platform. No IT setup required – just start the service and within less than an hour you are ready to share your teamwork projects in the cloud.

Before you subscribe to our service, we suggest you to check your internet connection if it is meeting our recommendations.

Check your connection

Follow these steps to check your internet connection if BIMcloud as a Service is recommended with it.

  1. Check your internet speed. We recommend to use - the most famous and most popular internet speed test on the web, provided by Ookla.
  2. Check the latency of your network towards the nearest Google Cloud Server (see List of Available Regions for BIMcloud as a Service below) with GCPing.



You can find our connection test results below:

  Minimum Acceptable Recommended
Archicad Please meet or exceed the recommended configuration for Archicad shown on the top of our System Requirements page.
Bandwidth Internet connection with symmetrical 8 Mbps download / 8 Mbps upload connection for each machine. Internet connection with symmetrical 15 Mbps download / 15 Mbps upload connection for each machine. Internet connection with symmetrical 50 Mbps download / 50 Mbps upload connection for each machine.
Latency (measured from Google Cloud Servers) 150 - 120 ms 120 - 80 ms Less than 80 ms
  For production usage, make sure both bandwidth and latency meet at least the Acceptable values on each machine.

Please note that location of your BIMcloud as a Service tenant is tied to the country of purchase.

It is not necessary to multiple the recommended bandwidth with the number of users in case of an office network.

Tips for getting accurate results

  • Use the device and network where you want to work with Archicad in Teamwork.
  • Have a strong Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.
  • If it is possible, wired connection is preferred.
  • Stop current downloads and/or file sharing or synchronization with your private cloud file server.
  • Close other tabs or streaming services like videos and music.

Available regions

BIMcloud as a Service is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, and available from 13 different regions.


List of Available Regions for BIMcloud as a Service:

Region Location Google Server
Australia Sydney australia-southeast1
Belgium St. Ghislain europe-west1
Brazil São Paulo southamerica-east1
Finland Hamina europe-north1
Germany Frakfurt europe-west3
Hong Kong Hong Kong asia-east2
India Mumbai asia-south1
Japan Tokyo asia-northeast1
Switzerland Zürich europe-west6
United Kingdom London europe-west2
United States - Central Iowa us-central1
United States - East South Carolina us-east4
United States - West Los Angeles us-west2
List of Countries and Regions
Country Region
Afghanistan India
Albania Germany
Algeria United Kingdom
American Samoa Australia
Andorra Germany
Anguilla United States - East
Argentina Brazil
Armenia Germany
Aruba Brazil
Australia Australia
Austria Germany
Azerbaijan Germany
Bahamas United States - East
Belarus Finland
Belgium Belgium
Bolivia Brazil
Bosnia and Herzegovina Germany
Botswana United Kingdom
Brazil Brazil
British Virgin Islands United States - East
Bulgaria Germany
Burkina Faso United Kingdom
Cameroon United Kingdom
Canada United States - Central
Chile Brazil
China Hong Kong
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Hong Kong
Colombia Brazil
Costa Rica Brazil
Croatia Germany
Cuba United States - East
Cyprus Germany
Czech Republic Germany
Denmark Belgium
Dominica United States - East
Dominican Republic United States - East
Ecuador Brazil
Egypt Germany
El Salvador United States - West
Equatorial Guinea United Kingdom
Estonia Finland
Ethiopia United Kingdom
Faroe Islands United Kingdom
Fiji Australia
Finland Finland
France Belgium
French Polynesia Australia
Gambia United Kingdom
Georgia Germany
Germany Germany
Gibraltar United Kingdom
Greece Germany
Guadeloupe United States - East
Guatemala United States - West
Guinea United Kingdom
Heard Island and McDonald Islands India
Honduras Brazil
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hungary Germany
Iceland United Kingdom
India India
Indonesia Hong Kong
Iran India
Ireland United Kingdom
Israel Germany
Italy Germany
Jamaica United States - Central
Japan Japan
Jordan Germany
Kazakhstan India
Kenya United Kingdom
Kiribati Australia
Kosovo Germany
Kuwait Germany
Kyrgyzstan India
Latvia Finland
Lebanon Germany
Liberia United Kingdom
Lithuania Finland
Luxembourg Belgium
Macedonia Germany
Madagascar United Kingdom
Malaysia Hong Kong
Mali United Kingdom
Malta Germany
Mauritius United Kingdom
Mexico United States West
Moldova Finland
Mongolia Hong Kong
Montenegro Germany
Morocco United Kingdom
Mozambique United Kingdom
Myanmar Hong Kong
Namibia United Kingdom
Netherlands Belgium
New Caledonia Australia
New Zealand Australia
Nicaragua Brazil
Nigeria United Kingdom
North Korea Hong Kong
Northern Mariana Islands Hong Kong
Norway United Kingdom
Oman India
Pakistan India
Palestine Germany
Panama Brazil
Papua New Guinea Australia
Paraguay Brazil
Peru Brazil
Philippines Hong Kong
Pitcairn Islands Australia
Poland Germany
Portugal Belgium
Qatar Germany
Réunion United Kingdom
Romania Germany
Russia Finland
Rwanda United Kingdom
Saint Barthélemy United States - East
San Marino Germany
São Tomé and Príncipe United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia Germany
Serbia Germany
Singapore Hong Kong
Slovakia Germany
Slovenia Germany
Somalia United Kingdom
South Africa United Kingdom
South Georgia Brazil
South Korea Hong Kong
Spain Belgium
Sri Lanka United Kingdom
Swaziland United Kingdom
Sweden Belgium
Switzerland Switzerland
Syria Germany
Taiwan Hong Kong
Tanzania United Kingdom
Thailand Hong Kong
Timor-Leste Hong Kong
Tonga Australia
Trinidad and Tobago Brazil
Tunisia Germany
Turkey Germany
Turkmenistan India
Turks and Caicos Islands United States - Central
Uganda United Kingdom
Ukraine Finland
United Arab Emirates India
United Kingdom United Kingdom
United States United States - Central
Uruguay Brazil
Uzbekistan India
Vatican City Germany
Venezuela Brazil
Vietnam Hong Kong
Western Sahara United Kingdom
Zambia United Kingdom
Zimbabwe United Kingdom

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