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Can't Publish .mod or .pmk to BIMcloud


I am trying to Publish .mod files to BIMcloud from Archicad 25 teamwork project.
I have created a Teamwork project, added the necessary folders and users (only me initially) have full access right to create and delete folders / upload  etc to BIMcloud.

In the Publisher I am able to select the folder I want, but when I try to publish, a warning pops up saying I have to set up file path and go to Publisher Settings.
What am I doing wrong? Or is this a Bug?
I am trying to test publishing mods direct o BIMcloud and update them from there. Is this not possible?
I tried Export to BIMcloud in .mod format. It works OK, but I don't want to individually export all my .mod's that way.

ArchiCAD since 4.5

Windows 10

After some test it is now obvious that I can't publish anything to BIMcloud from Archicad 25.
It works perfectly well from Archicad 24.
Please help!


The file path is set up correctly. The folders on BIMcloud exist. Permissions given.

Then when I try publish, this is what I get:




ArchiCAD since 4.5

Windows 10

This is a bug. Have you tried recreating the publishing sets? That solved the bug for us.

It turns out that I can't have .:;,"' -></_ etc in the name of the publisher set. Once the forbidden characters are removed, all works fine.

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