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CodeMeter settings for remote access?

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Can anyone give suggestions for local Codemeter settings to allow remote access a server's code meter?
Our IT guy has freed up the necessary ports (22350 I think) in the firewall. We are able to join teamwork projects remotely, but need to have a code meter key checked out or borrowed to do so. My goal is to set up a system where project managers and model managers can just directly use a license from the server key and save the extra keys for less reliable connections or users to check out while traveling.
Any tips or suggestions? I have tried almost every combination of Port and IP settings in the code meter web admin dialog, but have not been successful in connecting.

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on the client computer:open the codemeter app - go to web admin - go to configuration - go to add - add your address (Ours is the same as our BIM server info, minus the :1228)

on the server or where ever your network key is :
go to codemeter app - web admin -
Network Port: 22350
CmWAN Port: 22351

Make sure both of those ports are open on your Server.

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