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EMBEDDED OBJECT: Teamwork Status; Deleted??

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Please find attached screen shot.

I have been making object/door leaves in the embedded library. I have found some of my items have now got a teamwork status of deleted. I can't edit or delete these or some case a whole folder in "teamwork status: deleted".

I wish to at least be able to delete these items if possible. But wish find out why it keeps happening? I have not deleted these items.

I'm seriously puzzled.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I don't see an attached image.
Try to edit your post and attach the image you are referring to.
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Rafael Sangareau

I know this post is old… very old indeed! but the problem persists…


The reason for this to happened is still unknown to me, at some point some objects in the embedded library appear as deleted and you cannot do anything with them, although they remain in the project as placed and instantiated, I eventually found a way to fix it.




First: duplicate the objects and re-link the placed/instantiated copies in the project (by selecting the objects and opening the settings dialog “T” “Command T” or “Control T”)

Second: Release everything and close the project, you don’t need to leave the project.

Third: Open the local data manager (menu: teamwork/project/teamwork data manager) and deleted your local data.

Forth: Open the teamwork project again, it will download the project as is on the server, without those deleted objects 😉

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