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There are two persons working on a Team project. We have been releasing and reserving elements But we now noticed that some elements are not showing up but are showing up on the other person drawing.

We suspect that these elements are still reserved even though we thought we have released to the other person.

Where can we find a setting to ensure all elements have been released to each other so that all elements are showed up in the 3D.
Lilian Seow
Interior-Architecture and BIM Management
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Istvan Moharos

To make sure that all elements are reservable and all users got all modifications, do the followings:

1. user No.1: use the "Release All" command (Teamwork menu > Release all)
2. user No.2: use the "Release All" command
3. user No.1: use the "Send & Receive" command

During "release all", if the affected user has unsent changes, there will be a dialog where you can choose "Send & Release All". So after the above steps all elements must be released, and both users must have all modifications.

Otherwise, if you hover the mouse above an element (without clicking on it) a small dialog will appear which will display the teamwork user’s name who reserved the element, this can help you detect if an element is reserved by someone.

István Moharos

Manager, Technical Services


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