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How to Activate BIMcloud Basic

Craig Boyer
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
During the final steps of installing and configuring your BIMcloud Basic you must activate your BIMcloud Basic installation.

Start the activation process in the browser based Manager interface

The home page of the Manager interface notifies you to activate your BIMcloud Basic. Click on the green Activate button which forwards you to the Licenses panel of the Servers page.
Here you can see that your BIMcloud Basic is not activated yet. Click on the green Activate button to start the activation process.

Sign in with your GRAPHISOFT ID and finish the activation

A GRAPHISOFT ID is required for the activation. The GRAPHISOFT ID can be created at the website, or you can use your account for - the same email and password you used to download ARCHICAD for trial or educational purposes If you have Google or Facebook account as your GRAPHISOFT ID, please check out how to transform your social media based account to a regular GRAPHISOFT ID. If you are not sure about your GRAPHISOFT ID, visit the website to reset your password or register a new one. It is not critical whose GRAPHISOFT ID you use for the Activation process. It could be anyone in the company and has no bearing on privileges or use of the BIMcloud Basic thereafter. It is just a one-time initial activation. Please refer to the video below for more information on the activation process:

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