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How to Tell if BIMcloud or BIMcloud Basic is Installed

Craig Boyer
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
BIMcloud and BIMcloud Basic use the same installer. Therefore it is possible to install the licensed product by mistake. If you do not know what is the difference between BIMcloud and BIMcloud Basic, please check out our product overview site.

Indicators that the licensed version of BIMcloud is installed

  • Only one user can connect to the BIMcloud at one time.
  • You are experiencing error messages that state that you do not have a license.

How to verify the BIMcloud product plan version

Open the BIMcloud Manager interface:
    • If the name of the installed BIMcloud includes BIMcloud Basic for ARCHICAD ## and the graphic includes the word Basic then BIMcloud Basic is installed.
    • If the name of the installed BIMcloud includes only BIMcloud and the graphic says only GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud then BIMcloud is installed.

How to downgrade from BIMcloud to BIMcloud Basic

If you have found that BIMcloud was installed accidentally, you have two options to transition to BIMcloud Basic.

1. Downgrade directly to BIMcloud Basic

2. Uninstall the BIMcloud and reinstall BIMcloud Basic

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