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Teamwork error on send Archicad 25 (bug or my mistake?)


When working in Archicad 25.3011 and Bimcloud Basic (both on Win10) I got a strange error when trying to send changes:

Network testing did not reveal any errors. The rest of the projects open normally. The error appeared after inserting elements from another file via the clipboard. A file was created in the GRAPHISOFT\Bug Reporting-25 folder, here is an excerpt from there. Has anyone ever encountered such an error and is it possible to avoid it somehow?


GRAPHISOFT\Bug Reporting-25:




Error category ID: 7776C574-D43D-4CCF-8FB2-ED68C3D7BFBE (Teamwork Process Logger crashes)
Error ID: 99347C23-637D-4D64-AF84-93EC80AE355D (Teamwork Process Logger crash)

TWProcessLogger -- functionId: TWERR_SERVER, err = -2130509791, severity: Error,
file: P:\VMWD\Build\Sources\ACPM\Archicad\ACPProject\ACPTWProcessHandlerImp.cpp, line: 786.

Call stack:
0x00007FFD5A6CD568!GSRoot.dll + 54632 (BugRep_ReportError + 96 bytes)
0x00007FF67ED491F2!Archicad.exe + 6525426 (VBElem::StairGenerator::StairSchemeGenOptionsOverrideGuard::operator= + 2244430 bytes)
0x00007FF67EE7D394!Archicad.exe + 7787412 (VBElem::StairGenerator::StairSchemeGenOptionsOverrideGuard::operator= + 3506416 bytes)
0x00007FF67EE7BDCC!Archicad.exe + 7781836 (VBElem::StairGenerator::StairSchemeGenOptionsOverrideGuard::operator= + 3500840 bytes)
0x00007FF67EE7BE73!Archicad.exe + 7782003 (VBElem::StairGenerator::StairSchemeGenOptionsOverrideGuard::operator= + 3501007 bytes)





Structural engineer, developer of free addon for sync GDL param and properties

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Please try to save a PLN and after an Open & Repair, save it again and re-share on the BIMcloud. If it wouldn't help, then contact your local support representative with a Support Package and the PLN file.

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

BTW, based on the call stack, you have a corrupted stair geometry, so it might be a good idea to clean up all the stairs and check Send & Receive this way.

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin


Thank you for the quick response. The project does not use stairs, only curtain walls and library elements. After open & repair, and re-share, the error appears after a while. I have reported the error to the local support service last week, but there is no response yet (status - on work). I was hoping that this is a known error and there are ways to solve it?

Structural engineer, developer of free addon for sync GDL param and properties


We have same problem,however it does not work,is this Archicad 25 error ?

Yes, technical support confirmed that this is an internal error of Archicad (DEF-6874)


Structural engineer, developer of free addon for sync GDL param and properties

And how you (or they) fix this? It appears in AC26 teamwork project too.

Are you using the latest update of ArchiCAD and BIMcloud? If you do not, you should update, the issue may have been fixed.

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