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Updated OS to Server 2008, Can't see projects anymore

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I can’t access the Projects anymore. Here is what has happened:

Our 16BIM Server (build 3487) had the default project folder located on a network drive, not the local C drive. We had to update our operating system on the server to Server 2008. After that we reinstalled BIM Server 16 and I pointed it to the default project folder to where it was on the network drive before. I then updated the BIM Server to the latest build, hotfix#5. Now I am unable to see the projects listed in the BIM server. I can navigate to the projects directly and see the .database files are there but the BIM server cannot see them.

I have not moved the project or library folder to another location.

I tried rolling back the BIM server to build 3487 to see if that would make a difference but it says “The uninstaller will delete all data (including project and library databases) created and handled by BIM server. Is it going to delete these even though it can’t “see them”?.

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