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unable to access bimcloud remotely

Dave Brach

We are a team of 3 architects and just transitioned from v26 to v27 and also to macOS Sonoma.  After installing the new Bimcloud Basic everything works fine in the office but we are unable to connect from home.  Any ideas of common reasons that this would happen?

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@Dave Brach wrote:

After installing the new Bimcloud Basic everything works fine in the office but we are unable to connect from home.

If your team did not configure remote access, it is normal that you do not have it.


There are several steps to configure a local installation of BIMcloud Basic for remote access.
Unfortunately, you have not provided any details about your network.


  • Do you have a public IP address?
  • Do you have a registered domain name?
  • Are you using a dynamic DNS service (DDNS)?
  • Have you configured port mapping on your router?
  • Do you connect to your office BIMcloud Basic server from home via IP address or domain name?
  • Do you specify the server port when connecting?




The renaming of BIMServer to BIMCloud Basic is deceptive as it is not actually "cloud"...


An alternative to making your Teamwork server "cloud", is you could setup a VPN. This would be useful if your users may need to access other company resources remotely. There are a whole lot of other security related things with this though, so you should probably talk to an IT provider for this.




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Each version of BIMcloud Basic has its own Port Number. For ease we always change ours so that the port corresponds to the Archicad version (26000 for 26 and 27000 for 27). Prior to us configuring the VPN we had to make sure that the ports were open on our router and pointed to the internal machines fixed IP that hosts the BIMcloud instances. We also set up a qualified domain which is which is easier to remember than our fixed external IP address.


i hope that makes sense. If you have a VPN set up which is bar far the more secure way of doing it, then you don’t need to worry about the open ports.  If you do configure VPN make sure the internal office network IP address range is different to the likely standard domestic IP ranges as you will end up with a conflict and not be able to connect to any machines within the office remotely. 

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