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updating bim server 18

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we are running bimserver 18 v.3006 on a dedicated mac server. i have tried to update it using ARCHICAD 18 Update 8004. The installer required me to install Archicad on the server, and once I did that, it updated archicad to 8004, but it never mentions anything about updating bimserver. we are installing on osx 10.11 and i have also tried downgrading our version of java from 8 to 7u21. Additionally, i have tried earlier updates to see if those needed to be installed before moving up to either the 8004 or 9013 releases, but that hasn't helped either. As far as i understood, the bim server updates are built in to the archicad updates, but for some reason, the installer doesn't seem to apply them. Does anyone have any helpful hints on either what I am missing or what i can do to help the updater find our bim server install?


If you have ArchiCAD and BIM Server installed on the same computer, you have to manually point the update to the folder where BIM Server is installed. Otherwise it might only find ArchiCAD, which is already updated.

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