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upgrade Teamwork 13 to 14

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Hi everyone and sorry for my bad english!
When i try to install BIM server version 14 for upgrade my BIM Server 13 i've recived the message:

update your BIM at built3826 version, and i do this!

then when i try to instal BIM server 14 the installer give my a message:

remove modul server: 13 number of release 3826!

How can i do????????

Hi fabio
Greg Kmethy
It is possible to have a "modular" BIM server, which serves both ArchiCAD 13 and ArchiCAD 14 projects. (Even if you are planning to eventually migrate all your projects to 14 and abandon 13, the migration process is easier if you have a modular server). To have a modular server, you have to update the BIM Server 13 to Hotfix first, then install the BIM Server 14. The two should live in peace and harmony then on. Later, if you want to, you can (but don't have to) remove the 13 module - each module has a separate uninstaller in the "Uninstall" folder.

Some screenshots of the message - even in Italian - might help us understand the problem, or you can also contact your local tech support.
Gergely Kmethy
VP, Customer Success, Graphisoft
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Thank you very much gkmethy for tour answer.
I've writed on this forum becouse my local reseller (cigraph) can not give me an answer to my problem. I've tried their suggestion but it's not working
This is my problem:
I've a bim server installed on a macmini server, and I've just updated my BIM server 13 with The last hotfix built3826, but now i can't be able to update BIM 14 becouse when i try to do this the installer said:
Before update your 14 bim server you must Remove your 13 Module 3286....
Now i'm not in my office, monday i'll try to post some screenshots.
Thank you have a nice week. Fabio
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