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Changing the glass surface of lamp object

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Hi all, in correlation with this topic:

i also wanted to change the glass surface of my lamp objects
so that it will luminate in the cinerender rendering
and i face the same problem, the glass surface setting is greyed out.

The problem is, the scene contains not just one or two lamps on the ceiling,
but a lot of different types of lamps scattered across my building model,
so although adding disc shaped area light under each and every one of them, one by one, is a doable workaround,
it's still too cumbersome, ineffective and time consuming,
not to mention the possibilities of errors that might arise.

so i chose one of the recessed spot 18 lamp that i had in my model
and saved it as a new custom object in order to be able to edit its parameter setting in the GDL editor
(based on my knowledge that default library parts are read only).

but when i scrolled to the surface parameter, the option for glass surface was still greyed out
(along with some other parameters)

also, another solution that is out of the question is
changing the default "glass - clear" surface setting to simulate that of "glass - lamp" setting
because that will make my default glass object for every library parts to glow.

can anybody help me find a solution for this problem?
i'd rather save every lamp object as a custom object,
edit its parameters once and be able to use it across multiple projects
than to add additional area light every time i add a lamp into my model.

Best regards

*PS: i don't know whether this question should go into the rendering section or GDL section
David Maudlin
John wrote:
but when i scrolled to the surface parameter, the option for glass surface was still greyed out
(along with some other parameters)
In the Parameter Script at Line 59 is the code:
if (gs_light_switch) then lock "matGlass"
So if the Light is on, the glass parameter is locked. You can comment out this line of code to disable it.

In the 3D Script at Line 41 is the code:
If not(gs_light_switch) Then
	material matGlass

	addz zzyzx/10
	CYLIND zzyzx/8,a/2-sow
	del 1
So if the light is on, the Glass Material (Surface) parameter is not used. This will need to be altered.
Then in the 3D Script at Line 105 a macro is called which is adding something when the lamp is on, but I cannot easily figure it out without getting into the macro.
This should get you started.

David Maudlin / Architect
Digital Architecture
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Wow, Thanks David! i'll definitely use it as a starting point.

best regards

Did you manage to solve the issue of the glass in the spot light?

basically you just need to turn off the light then add a new spot light if you don't want to edit the gdl.

In the end what is your Objective?
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