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How to paint a wall separately?

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How to paint my walls as the sample (image) in different colors and why my walls near the grounds are colored.
What settings to change in my Render Menu or what settings to set on material settings.[img]

Put very thin walls in front of the others.
Then you can give them another material. For a quick rendering this should do just fine.
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Regarding why the walls near the ground are colored, I suspect that is from global illumination (the rendering calculating light bouncing off the green grass). Thus the change in wall tint at the elevation facing the lawn. It appears there is also some ambient occlusion creating a slight shading right where the walls meet the ground. Both should be controllable, but I haven't worked enough with CR to guide you on that point.
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If you are using the model for more than just the 3D, it might be better to break the walls into segments around the coloured areas then assign a different external material override to them.

In this way you do not need to rely on layer states to removes redundant objects on other drawings.

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