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Maxwell Studio+Archicad Workflow

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HI Everyone,

Recently discovered maxwell studio after using Archicad for the last few months. I am very impressed with some of the images I've seen rendered in maxwell but am struggling to figure out the correct workflow between the two. Apologies if this topic has been covered but couldnt find anything.

Small projects are fine I save The archicad model to a .3ds (native ac elements), but when it comes to larger models it doesnt alow me to because of to many faces and vertices. So the problem is that when I import to maxwell as .3ds (materials) the elements become clumped together making it impossible to change textures, I am using archicad 13 64bit,

I have attached an example image in this image I selected the curved wall in the centre and all those elements were highlighted.

Thanks for any help.
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Maxwell Render has a plugin to export geometry directly from ArchiCAD, you can work with textures and materials in a really comfortable way keeping lights also.