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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

About built-in and 3rd party, classic and real-time rendering solutions, settings, workflows, etc.


Ahimsa Prema
  • Hi everybody! Does anyone have experience with the NVIDIA Geforce RTX 4090 graphics card? Its specs are good for gaming and all specs are better than Quadro series graphics cards, but is it best for running ArchiCad 26 software, rendering, making videos? With the best Ahimsa Prema

ArchiCad itself doesn't really use your GPU for rendering, instead, it uses your CPU, so if you're rendering straight from ArchiCad, your GPU does very little work. For this you need lots of fast cores in your CPU. 


Real-time rendering, however is a different matter altogether! Twinmotion is what we use, so that's what I'll talk about 🙂 


Twinmotion is built on a gaming engine (the same one as Fortnite and Rocket League, among many others), but unlike when used for games, the engine needs to render thousands more polygons for renders than when gaming. This polygon count uses MUCH more vRAM from your GPU.


How much vRAM is enough depends on how big your projects are and therefore how many polygons you need to render. 


So is a 4090 amazing? Yes, mostly because it has lots of vRAM... is it needed? For large projects yes... for residential projects... no. 


We do multiunit developments running on our old RTX2070 Super (8Gb) and it runs just fine. So you've gotta be doing something pretty big and complex to warrant the 4090 beast! 


If you are already powering in with an i9 13900k (or ks), 64-128gb ram, good z690-z790 motherboard chipset, M.2 storage, and a good power supply, and there's still budget left over for a 4090 go for it, but if not, 12gb or 16gb gpu is plenty unless your rendering the largest and most complex scenes!!

And you'd be better to get two 4080's for the same price as one 4090, as Twinmotion is now capable of splitting the load between two GPU's (and with the 4080 you'd get 32gb of vRAM rather than 32gb)


Hope this helps 



AC 13 - 27, Twinmotion
Windows 11 pro
i7 10700k, 2070 super, 64gb DDR4
Ahimsa Prema

Hello. Thanks.
Things are starting to become clearer.
I found probably the best possible laptop for running AC and rendering Twinmotion or Lumion.

It has an NVIDIA RTX A5000 with a 16GB GPU, which is not the most capacious, as there is another 24GB and also a 48GB Gpu cards...
But there is no such a laptop with those.
16gb gpu is probably enough for small and medium projects, but probably not for very large and complex projects.
Then it should have min. 24 GB Gpu.
However I may still have to look for best solution ...