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Rendering with Twinmotion using a different computer?


Essentially what the title says. Archicad models are created on one computer (Mac laptop), I would like to be able to then have someone else working on rendering these models in Twinmotion using a different computer - in this case a workstation (Z440 running Windows with Titan GPU and lots of memory).


It appears that the Twinmotion plugin licence is tied to the Archicad account, which is in turn linked to a specific computer (the laptop). Will it be possible to open the Archicad files in Twinmotion on the workstation or will Twinmotion need to be installed and renders run on the laptop that Archicad is installed on?






Fairly sure that even though it's tied to your license you can still log into epic games on any computer and use twin motion unless something has changed I've never had any issues.

Pretty sure epic games links your email not your Archicad license

Did work, I was able to save off a direct link file from Archicad onto a NAS drive then open that in Twinmotion on another computer, using an account that was owned by me (not the Archicad user). The only thing is that the refresh for the direct link didn't work...

 if you are doing a different computer use fbx or data smith export for sure.

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