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Sketch Rendering Engine

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I have been trying to learn how to use the ArchiCAD sketch rendering engine. I have found that the sketch engine will tend to not shade the horizontal surfaces like underside of floors or ceilings. I find this looks strange when casting shadows on walls and floors but the ceiling is bright white.

Please see attached image.

Any ideas where I may have gone wrong.


In the sketch render engine, showing vectoral sun shadows only enables cast shadows, not shading of surfaces.

To disguise the deficiency, give your vertical surfaces a little texture, not plain white.

You might consider instead a proper 3D solid line view with cast vectoral shadows jiggled a little in Photoshop - this tends to be more inclusive of the effects ArchiCAD can generate.
Dwight Atkinson

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Thank you Dwight. I'll give the Photoshop method a shot.

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depending by kind of sketch you want .
for a more expressive one you must set all the materials to have
vectorial hatch associated in the material individual propriety (wood , roof,..etc )

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I use the photoshop method too, it can be pretty handy having various layers of sketch or other renderings ( thin lines, thick lines, with and without shadow) above each other, and mixing these together to become the right picture...

The only thing I can't seem to find is a way to render a solid line view without textures, and with or without cast shadows... ( becoming another seperate layer with only the shadow casting, which can be applied as wished )

any ideas are welcome...

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