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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

About built-in and 3rd party, classic and real-time rendering solutions, settings, workflows, etc.

comment on my work(ArchiLantis)

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Here is a proposed hotel bldg in a hot area (Horn of Africa).I'm finishing it &
I'd like you to comment on my rendering(lighting),color composition,etc.
Many thanks
A good start.

We assume that Ethiopia has harsh lighting and clear intense skies, so lighting approach acceptable in this case, but usually slight overcast using the excellent Artlantis heliodon gives more complimentary details.

1: color saturation reduced except the sky.
2: foreground cropped to eliminate visual barrier of the curb and sharp corner of planting. Also ugly.
3: Re-framed for more sky.
4: Glazing too clear - add reflections, grime and distortion using shader.
5: try to use ambient light to fill dark shadows - reveal more detail at ground level floor under overhang.
6: foreground planting is weak. Give us a low hedge or fluffy bush, not bright flowers that ravenous local varmints will quickly demolish.
7: surfaces too shiny.
ethiope picture_front_116.jpg
Dwight Atkinson