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Python Scripts in Expressions and Schedules

Please permit the execution of Python Scripts, as now developed in the experimental Python program, to execute within a Expression. The print output of the Python script would be redirected to the standard output of the Expression.

Since Python scripts have access to all the Archicad elements, one could easily aggregate object parameters and not be limited to a single element.

The Python Scripts as implemented by Graphisoft are much simpler to use than the API and IMHO simpler than the Expression language itself. The expressions could than be used in Schedules to implement data which can only be provided through the API now. Most of us find the API to be too cumbersome and complicated to effectively use for these instances.

Windows 10 - Visual Studio 2019; ArchiCAD 25

Ghaleb Khadra
Hi All,

I'm glad to say we took notice of this request and have added an official Wish into our database.
For future reference, you can refer to this as Wish 12589

Thank you all for your contribution and participation on the forums.
I wish you all a great day!

Kind regards,
Ghaleb Khadra
BIM Expert

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