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Translator/Conversion options for HLM Instances of PLNs

Josh Verran

Have you ever had to work with one of your old PLNs, or perhaps a PLN from another organisation and battled with the use of non-standard layers and/or attributes?

When placing an HLM instance of an IFC file, there are translator options (things like layers, building materials, etc.).
When doing the same with PLNs (the native Archicad file), there are no options to translate.

My wish is that the same (or similar) conversion options that are available for IFC, are also available for PLN.
For example the option to automatically convert the layer Des: Wall in the old file (source) to Des: Walls in the new file (Host).



Below is my original query:

A little copy-paste from that post:

There are at least a couple of scenarios where the above would be useful.
One where we need to utilize a model that someone else has created in their system/template.
Unfortunately, it's not always reasonable to expect another company to use our template.
Also, our template is reasonably evolved, we would benefit from utilizing our pre-set views, layouts, schedules, properties (expressions) etc.

There's also the issue of IP.


Another scenario is within our office, we have instances where a model was created in our own system, but years have passed, and templates etc have evolved.

If we can convert/translate the previously mentioned parameters, we can utilize old models, in new templates.


This can all be done manually, but being able to automate has it's benefits.


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