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Add custom Fill Properties

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I am working on a masterplan layout and for starters i`m working in 2D using fills get some area summarries.
When i did a Fill schedule i realize the only properties i can get from Fills are the Area and Element ID.
I tried with the Property manager and checked the Fill and there is no way i can add other properties.

It would be very usefull to add custom properties that could be then used in Formulas and extracted in Schedules.

I know i can use Zones but i just felt its much faster to use Fills.
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Totally agree.
And not only fills... Properties should be assignable to All elements (2d or 3d).
This, with a proper Property Filter View Option could address lots of other wishes.
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Yes i think the same. Properties to be added to all elements or as many as possible. Would be very flexible. Actually i was suprised to see that it isn`t possible.
Actually using Zones for planning and land use is not ok since they should be used for the buildings themselves.

Yes, Add ing property to fills when doing a master plan is very useful. Status, properties, and classification will be very helpful.

I will have all of this information later on when I create the 3D elements but I find FILL very useful to do a quick analysis of areas.

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